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As we wish your stay and  the  internal  coexistence between apartments to  be  as  pleasant as possible we  would point out the following:



You are given the number of access cards to the building and the apartment in accordance with the number of adults booked in. They cease to work at 1 p.m. on the day of your scheduled departure.

One of them must be inserted in the receptacle located to one side of the entrance door inside the apartment in order to turn on the general electricity supply. If it is not inserted, only the fridge, water heater and oven will work.

These cards must be returned to the management on the day of your departure.

Guests will be charged 5 euros per card for any card lost or not returned on departure day.



The access of animals to the apartments or the rest of the common areas in the building is not permitted. Please avoid noise and speaking loudly, which could disturb other guests, especially at night.

Persons who are not identified as being accommodated in the apartments are not permitted to use the facilities of the apartment, neither is it permitted to hand over to them the card/s received for access to the building and the apartment.

Hanging clothes, bathing costumes, towels etc. on the balconies and terrace chairs of the type “B” Apartments (overlooking the beach) is not permitted. For this purpose, there is an airer available inside the cupboard located to the right of the balcony.

In the type “A” Apartments the airer is located in the small room to the right of the entrance to the apartment.

Moving the furniture in the apartment (beds, tables, sofas, TV etc.) from one room to another or from one apartment to another is not permitted. Neither is it permitted to introduce your own furniture in the apartment.

Please do not alter the settings of the TV channels and please do not try to find more channels. All the channels which can be viewed are already included, both national (TDT) and international (SOURCE) channels.

Please turn off any lights and/or electrical appliances which you are not using, and please also avoid leaving balcony lights on during the day, or at night once you have gone to bed.

Please save water, in view of the importance of this precious item to our islands.



There are 8 security cameras recording 24 hours a day. 4 of them are focussed on the common guest areas: 2 in the entrance hall pointing towards the entrance door and the lift door; 1 in the central patio - on the 1st floor and 1 in the side patio - on the 5th floor.

For your security and that of the building, when you enter or leave the building you must close the entrance door.

The intercom allows you to communicate from the apartment to the street but NOT to open the entry door to the building from the apartment.

Very important: in the type “B” apartments, the lock to the door that gives access to the balcony is non-functional. To open and shut the door, please use the safety handle in the middle of the door. Please take special care when there are children in the apartment, do not let them climb on chairs or tables on the balconies.

There are no smoking signs in the apartment. Please respect these signs.



The property owners reserve the right to charge guests for missing or damaged pieces of furniture and utensils due to ill use.



The apartment has a Wi-Fi area (Internet) and a safety deposit box. The property owners reserve the right to charge guests to use these services.



The property owners reserve the right to request advanced deposits as a guarantee of the compliance of confirmed reservations. Guests can cancel reservations of apartments with no penalty on the advanced deposits as long as the cancellation is made fifteen days before the arrival date of the stay.

Cancellations of reservations made between seven and fifteen days before the arrival date of stays will be penalised by returning the advance payment received, in the amount of, and as a result of, deducting 25% of the latter. Between two and seven days inclusive, the above penalisation will be increased to 50%. Two days before the arrival date of the stay, cancellation will mean the loss of the advance payment.

However, in very serious cases of absolutely verifiable force majeure which have justified the cancellations, the management will not apply any kind of penalty.



FAMPERMEG S.L., in possession of CIF (Tax Code No.) B35421031, informs you, in accordance with Article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data with regard to the right of information, that the personal data you supply to us will be processed and included on computer files duly registered in the R.G.A.P.D., the Registro General de la Agencia de Protección de Datos, the General Registry of the Data Protection Agency, and these are under the responsibility of and managed by FAMPERMEG S.L. and where the personal date is compiled and stored with the sole purpose of the handling of the reservation request carried out. You can exercise your right to access, modify, cancel and oppose your personal data, with previous accreditation of your identity, to the e-mail address, by means of a completed application form provided in FAMPERMEG S.L. the address of which is Calle Prudencio Morales 23, 35009 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

FAMPERMEG S.L. guarantees the protection of your personal data, the good use of your personal details, the greatest confidentiality of the data of a personal nature included in our files and full compliance with the obligations with regard to the protection of data of a personal nature.

The guest understands and agrees to all the above.


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